Does Weight-Loss Gynostemma Tea Work?

Does Weight-Loss Gynostemma Tea Work?There are many people nowadays who are suffering from the negative effects of the medical condition called “obesity.” Statistics show that obesity is not just a simple health problem, but is a worldwide problem with more than 600 million adults and 100 million children suffering from it. In the U.S. alone, obesity appears to be the cause of around 300,000 deaths per year. Yet, as a medical condition, there is not one single cure for it, and many are hankering for that one remedy for obesity.

Gynostemma Tea Could Be the Remedy for Obesity

Nature would surely not give humans any malady or health condition of which it will not provide any cure. Any disease—whether dreaded or not—surely has a cure that could be found in nature, and more often, medical scientists only must discover this cure. In the case, for example, of obesity, there must be an herb out there in the wilderness that could remedy obesity, and surely there are, for there are many natural herbs and fruits out there that are known to reduce obesity. Among these herbs and fruits, however, is a relatively unknown vine before 1970. It is a vine that thrives wildly in Southern China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea, and it is called Gynostemma Pentaphyllum or Jiaogulan, and it seems to hold the real remedy for obesity.

What Makes Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Very Promising as a Weight-loss Supplement?

A lot of medical scientists and so-called health pundits would surely raise their eyebrows while questioning the potency of Gynostemma; moreover, they would surely cast doubt on the validity of the studies made on Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. Yet, it would be good to know why Gynostemma is a good weight-loss supplement, and here are some of the properties of Gynostemma that make it a powerful weight-loss supplement:

  • First, Gynostemma is known to have adaptogenic properties, meaning, it adapts the body to its normal condition or state.
  • Second, it is known to improve and hasten digestion.
  • It also increases the stamina of the body to enable it to burn more calories.
  • Lastly, it has a bidirectional effect on the sugar level of a person, increasing it when one is hypoglycemic, and decreasing it when one is hyperglycemic.
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Scientific Studies on Gynostemma As a Weight-Loss Supplement

A study, in South Korea, on the chemical compounds of Gynostemma showed that Gynostemma contains compounds that energize the AMPK energy sensor of the body. Those who conducted this study were successful in extracting these compounds, and they aptly called the compounds “actiponin” with components called Damulin A and Damulin B. Using these extracted compounds, they did a clinical trial on 80 overweight people. Half of the subjects were given actiponin, while half of them were given placebos. The results of the study revealed that actiponin can indeed engender weight loss, while those who were given placebos did not lose weight.

Another study in a Chinese Medical School showed that Gynostemma has bi-directional effects on body cholesterol. On the one hand, it increases good cholesterol, and on the other hand, decreases bad cholesterol. Further studies on Gynostemma may still be needed to ascertain its weight-loss properties; however, there are many people, at present, who are already reaping the weight-loss benefits of Gynostemma.


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